Improved Transportation

Subway delays have brought our city to a grinding halt. It hurts the working class, it hurts our economy, and we deserve better. I’m committed to fighting for proper funding for public transit, and to holding the MTA accountable for a making clear, transparent commitments for repairs, improvements, and timelines. Our streets and sidewalks should work for all of us, from pedestrians, to bikers, drivers, and those in public transit. By working with the Department of Transportation and the MTA, we can make a system that lets everyone get where they’re going on time, giving us all the security to know we can plan our lives without fear of missing a meeting, event, or interview.

Roads and Sidewalks

I have been taking public transportation for over 20 years and the neglect has it deteriorating. We need to act fast and start improving our major transportation infrastructures, people deserve better roads, buses, trains and sidewalks.

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Latest Causes


These are some of the issues I am looking to work on for my community.