Much like with the condition of our roads and streets, Queens frequently is neglected in regards to education, when compared to the rest of our city. Our borough consistently gets the lowest per pupil spending, even though our schools on average have more students than every other borough. This is unacceptable. I will fight for Queens, as I have been doing during my decades' long tenure as an activist, by bringing teachers, parents and administrators together.

Additionally, multiple Queens school districts are home to many individual schools that are overcrowded. As your next Council Member, I will advocate for our fair share of funding from the SCA so we can build more schools and ameliorate our severe overcrowding problem. We will no longer take a backseat to the rest of the city once I'm in office.

We must also respect the fundamental right of every parent to choose the school they wish for their child.

I am a strong believer in the market adapting to demand. The simple fact of the matter is that there is an enormous amount of demand for rigorous, specialized education of all types. Our city must simply respond and begin to meet that demand by expanding specialized education by offering more seats and building more schools of this type.

We also must balance the question of diversifying these schools so that every child can have access to this type of school. That being said, we must preserve what made these schools special in the first place. To do this, NYC must;

-Elevate the teaching profession

-Cut / cap administrator pay so that as much money as possible stays in the classroom

-Expand our after school programs, which have proven time and time again to help our children grow

That being said, education policy alone cannot close the achievement gap. In addition, we must reform our society to solve the problems that cause all types of inequity, not just educational inequity. We must institute criminal justice reform, ensure access to all types of affordable housing and expand employment / entrepreneurial opportunities.

Through expanding opportunities for specialized learning, instituting educational reform and addressing societal inequities, we can be sure that every child can thrive in specialized learning environments.

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