We must immediately work to end victimless/non-violent crimes and re-integrate those currently serving time for these "crimes" back into society. Not only is it a moral tragedy to imprison people when there is no victim, there is mountains of evidence that indicates that harsh sentences often increase the recidivism rate.

Instead, we must work with local non-profits to bring these people back into society and provide them with job/skill training and counseling so that they can provide for themselves and their families. People currently serving time for non-violent / victimless crimes of any type should be rehabilitated so that they can unleash their true potential and serve their communities. They should not suffer arbitrary sentences for crimes where there is no clear victim, or be subject to an outrageous cash bail system.

The police play a vital role in our community. But, we must ensure that violence  is never tolerated and that both the police and citizenry respect and understand each other. I support exploring dispatching social services and mental health professionals to certain non-violent 911 calls. Additionally, we must immediately work to end qualified immunity. Government employees must be subject to the same type of laws as the citizenry. Lastly, we must facilitate an ongoing dialogue between our police, nonprofits and the rest of our community.

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