COVID - 19 has completely changed our city in many ways. One thing it has done is highlighted the importance of our inaction on numerous policy measures, such as the Small Business Jobs Survival Act and the need for commercial rent control. If our small businesses had this help prior, would they make it through this crisis? What we need now is a rent freeze for commercial businesses and renters until all restrictions are lifted.

Moving forward, we need to ensure our safety net stays solvent so that help is there for people and businesses who need it. This pandemic has, among other things, highlighted the need for our government to be responsible with taxpayer money and use it to offer services as efficiently as possible. We need to eliminate red tape that has our taxes go to bureaucracy / administration and not directly to the people who need help. Additionally, we must encourage new, responsible development and commerce, cutting down on the red tape that has businesses and people leaving our city. We need this revenue and want people to stay, not leave.

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