Affordable Housing/NYCHA

The housing we are building isn’t affordable to the majority of New Yorkers, because we calculate the Area Median Income, which includes New Jersey and Long Island. This metric is not truly representative of the incomes in the city. I will fight for a calculation that is truly representative of NYC’s diverse incomes. I will also fight for measures that simplify our building code, lets more developers build and allows the currently depleted housing stock to be replenished, thus increasing competition and driving down cost.

While development is the only way to bring back the housing stock and make rents cheaper by increasing competition, all new development must be responsible. Any new corporation that wants to expand into our district is welcome, but only if their expansion includes jobs for our district and responsible environmental practices. The community character of CD-24 must also be preserved.

Our NYCHA residents have been neglected by our local government for decades. It is completely unacceptable that politicians only visit NYCHA homes during campaign season. Waste, fraud and abuse must be stopped immediately. I support an independent audit of NYCHA expenses and the expansion of funding for Squad 7; the Inspector General for NYCHA properties.

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