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I came here to achieve the american dream as an Immigrant from bangladesh.

30 Years QUeens Resident

I have been a Queens Resident for over 3 decades.

judicial delegate

I am Judicial delegate for the District. Serving my community as a true representation

community Advocate

My Work is in making my community stronger

Latest Causes


I am working for you and our future generations to come.
As a member of ASAAL and BAAG, I helped create pilot programs for Halal and Kosher food in New York City public schools and create a senior center for the Desi community in Jamaica Muslim Center. We worked to bring the Eid Holiday into public school calendars and pass the Religious Garb Bill. We worked with the community to rename the street in front of Jamaica Muslim Center to JMC Way, as well as changed the street from two-way traffic to one-way traffic to make the community safer. We worked with Councilman Rory Lancman to add garbage bins alongside Hillside Avenue to reduce trash on the streets.

What They Say?


I am an immigrant from Bangladesh and have lived in this district for 30 years. I currently serve as the Executive Director of the Queens Chapter of the Alliance of South Asian American Labor and on the Board of Directors at Bangladeshi American Advocacy Group, where I have; worked collaboratively with Rory Lancman to add garbage cans along Hillside Avenue; created a pilot program to serve Halal and Kosher food in NYC public schools; lobbied local leaders to add Eid to the calendar of holidays in NYC schools, and won; and successfully pressured elected officials to pass the Religious Garb Bill, banning discrimination from employers based upon clothing or facial hair, worn in accordance with an employee’s religion. I have proven results serving my community as an activist and want to continue my career of service in the NYC Council.

What They Say?